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My latest work, 'The Sonosynthesiser' is a tool which harmonises far-off and forgotten soundscapes. Using a hand-held device, users can hunt for, locate and amplify fragments of archived sound from as far back as 1907, exploring echoes of worlds which may no longer even exist.


The Sonosynthesiser was commissioned as part of 'New Creatives', supported by Arts Council England and BBC Arts, delivered in the South West by Calling The Shots and supported by Screen Cornwall. Thanks to Eddie Reeder -Software Engineer, Toby Shepherd, Lydia Otway & Hattie Evans who built the device as it is today. 

The device was originally demo'd with curated audio from the BBC SFX library, but can also be used as a tool by heritage organisations wishing to showcase their own sound archives in a new, immersive and exploratory way. 

See The Sonosynthesiser in action here.

If you are interesting in hearing more about this innovative device, or would like to explore the possibility of installing a Sonosynthesiser device or two in your own organisation, please get in touch here.

[All photos of The Sonosynthesiser shown are courtesy of local freelance photographer Matt Cannon. Check out his work or book him here.]

* "Beautiful, fascinating and very hypnotic" *     * "I only ever want to listen to sounds delivered by this device from here on in" *

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