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'Rising Star'


Creative Strategist | Cornwall-Based


I am a curious innovation designer and researcher.


I specialise in constructing considered multi-sensory experiences for the Arts and Heritage sector, with a focus on tactility and immersion. I build diverse creative communities alongside developers, engineers, architects, designers, sculptors and musicians, advocating for the rural creative economy and cross-sector mobility. 

My services 

Creative Heritage Consultant - Bespoke creative consultancy for heritage and cultural organisations.

Research Residencies - Noticing patterns and joining dots across your collection to identify opportunities to embrace innovation within your visitor journey.

Innovation Designer - Designer commissioned to conceive and create innovative spaces, tools and experiences (Incl. project proposal, detailed delivery plan, budgeting and grant support)

Creative Director - With a bird's eye view, crafting a consistently high quality look and feel through a project.

Project Manager - Overseeing the daily tasks and minutiae that ultimately ensures the delivery of the project on time and under budget.

For collaborations and enquiries, please get in touch.


'Sound Innovator'

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